Content Marketing Strategies Working Magic for Today’s Businesses

Like technology, marketing is always on the move. This is especially true when it comes to the web where it seems as if new start-ups arise every few months with quite a few smashing their way into the headlines. You might be surprised to learn that it isn’t million dollar Super Bowl commercials or full-page ads in The New York Times that are helping businesses work magic online, it is actually a bit of wizardry we like to call: content marketing.

That’s right, more than ever before marketers of all stripes are getting on board with the need for quality content after first a voracious Panda and then a sinister Penguin made us all take notice of Google’s mighty hold over organic search. However, we need to be aware that today’s top content marketing strategies are about a lot more than just attracting Google’s users because today there are more than 2 billion people using the Internet.

Yes, a ‘cultural change’ and it is a good idea to remember that this is global culture, not just the culture of the United States or Europe. All over the world, people are beginning to see the web as a viable way to connect, communicate, discover, shop and do business. Those of us who realize this and embrace the fact that it means we have to change the way we have been marketing in the past are going to profit. The rest of us? The future doesn’t look so bright for those folks still relying on search engine manipulation alone.


Throw Out Those Junk Websites and Get to Work

Serious entrepreneurs know that Google isn’t kidding around. They have been relentless is eliminating junk sites from their index and continue to lean hard on those sites that want to ‘scheme‘ their way to the top of the search results. This is bad news for those who simply wanted to have a low rent money-maker they never look at, but for those who wanted long-term success, the good news is that it is not nearly so hard to achieve as you might think and the benefits go far beyond Google.

Why? Because when you create content that engages your visitors they keep on coming back. This is the heart of what a service like Mike & Troy’s is all about so this really isn’t news for us. What is news for us is that people are now finally embracing the very real and present need for change.

That is a crystal clear statement and it lines up with what we have been saying here on Top Marketing Strategies for quite some time. Lousy sites with poor content that are still trying to get by on tactics that have barely evolved since the 1990′s are definitely going to get washed away. The time for change, despite anything anyone says to the contrary is now. That means no more excuses and ignoring that election year hype about the economy. 

Economy Looking Bad? You Might as Well Use the Opportunity

Ah, the economy. The great excuse for many to slow down their online efforts and try to pinch pennies. The job market is weak, the dollar is down in value, inflation is rising and the future isn’t all roses and sunshine. Well, guess what? Well-planned content marketing strategies still work and they may just work even better during tough times when more people are looking for the kind of low-cost entertainment the web can provide them with.

If you run a company, you need a blog, but you need more than that. You need a well maintained blog regularly updated with fresh content that encourages people to keep coming back. 2012 is not the time to start scaling back your blog or slowing down on social media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are going to be getting more traffic, not less. People may give up a lot of things when times are tight, but the odds are painfully low that they will give up their smart phones with web browsing, much less their internet connections at home. This is why Hollywood keeps making movies through wars, recessions and even the Great Depression – people need a good way to spend their time.

So don’t let the hype about the economy being weak slow down your content marketing efforts. Content is free to your visitors and that means they aren’t going to think twice about engaging. Every time they read and engage with the content you’ve created for them they get that much closer to not just remembering your brand, but becoming a loyal customer. When the economy inevitably jumps back up and they have money to spend they are going to go to the businesses they already believe they have a ‘relationship’ with. Those businesses that realize this now are the ones that are really going to flourish once

the good times come back.

Examples of Successful Content Marketing Strategies in Action 

In order to really understand just how powerful good quality content and SEO Agency is for pulling in a target audience, we need to take a look at a few companies that are using it the right way right now. To do that, let’s turn to the tech sector. You might think that these companies would understand, embrace and leverage content like nobody else, but you’d be wrong. In fact, as shocking as it might seem, even though this industry should be the first to start using anything new, several are far behind those that are taking the lead right now. 

Content Marketing Strategy 

As you can see, it is not just those of us in the Internet Marketing crowd that are not living up to our potential when it comes to content marketing strategies. Big corporations are dropping the ball, too. Yet, there are some in the tech sector who are using engaging content to reach out to their audience and finding real success with it, as Cohen tells us. Let’s have a look at a short list of these companies she points out and see what it is that they are doing right so we can learn from successful marketing being used today.

KISSmetrics – This first example is a company that offers online analytics for ecommerce sites and other websites. They target an audience that is looking to achieve a higher percentage of conversions by providing an array of tips and tricks members of that audience can put to work right away. Because of that, they have gained a very powerful reputation among influential folks in the tech industry. What does that mean? It means that readers find KISSmetrics to be an authority within their niche and they come back for more plus they sign up to be notified of new blog posts as they go live. Now that’s some
seriously effective marketing, isn’t it?

Instagram – This is the next company cited by Cohen and anyone using social media knows all about it. It lets people with a smart phone take a photo and spread it all across the social web. The people behind Instagram understood that people want to use these photos to tell stories about themselves and the things they love, so that is what their blog helps their users do. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this is one company that used that concept to their advantage. Every weekend, they have a project encouraging users to take photos they can match to a hashtag using instructions Instagram provides via their blog. The result is a ton of interactivity that can go viral in a heartbeat. Again, content marketing genius at work!

 Eventbrite – This next example is a web-based tool that event creators and those attending events can use to get everything organized. On Eventbrite’s blog, the focus is the real people behind the events being organized via the tool. Because their blog highlights event organizers and talks about their events, people from around the web find it interesting. Event organizers love it because it spreads the word about what they are trying to do. Everyone wins.

 Buffer – Cohen also tells us about a web tool that allows users to schedule posts for social media so they will go live during “prime time“, the time when the largest number of followers will see them. Companies and social media users who want more likes, mentions, shares, re-tweets and followers are the target audience for Buffer. The philosophical tone of Buffer’s blog is what makes it interesting because it strives to educate and entertain readers with insights into how our brains work so they can better understand human behavior and how it impacts their success with using social media.

 Wix – This final example from Cohen is a site that allows its users to create a gorgeous Flash or HTML5 websites even if they have no previous skills at doing so. Wix succeeds because it takes the dread out of building an advanced website, instead making it fun and imaginative. Fun and informative articles, some even using infographics, are what Wix’s blog focuses on. They’ve managed to make new technology exciting instead of intimidating and this is certainly a great way to engage people.

These are just 5 examples of companies doing things in a smart way, getting users engaged and doing it all with excellent content. Sure, their content marketing strategies vary, but the thing they have in common is that they are specific to their site’s missions and they cater to what the audience wants. Great marketing really is all about the consumer and what they want from the sites they visit. The quicker we understand this, the more effective our marketing is going to become.

What is It That Makes Content Marketing Work So Well?

In case you happen to be wondering what all the fuss is about, let’s cut straight to the point. To answer the question of why people go online in the first place, we turn again to Kuenn who referenced a recent survey from a public relations firm named Ruder Finn. That survey showed that while there are a few reasons people go online, three of these stand out. We want to go over these 3 reasons people use the web:

1. To Learn – This is the first and most powerful reason people are coming online. They want to educate themselves and they want to research topics they care about. They also want to stay informed on the latest news that affects their lives and ties in with subjects that interest them.

2. Have Fun – People want to escape from the doldrums of day-to-day life once in a while. They come online to pass the time when they’re bored and to be entertained. They might want to laugh or be fascinated, but the bottom line is that they want to enjoy themselves and the time they spend online.

3. To Socialize – As the popularity of sites like Facebook and Twitter suggest, people want to connect with one another. They want to share things they like, discuss subjects that interest them and, in the end, feel like they are part of a larger community. This is a set of basic human needs we all have.

As you can see from the list Kuenn shared above, people are not coming online to be tricked, manipulated or convinced to buy things. They are not coming online because they have to, they are coming because they want to. They view the web as a place of learning, fun and a great place to socialize. Companies have to begin to understand this better and so does the average entrepreneur. Once we understand how we can teach people something, show them a good time and help them make new friends, we will succeed in business. That is why content marketing strategies that realize the true nature of the web today are working so well.

This is an elegant summarization of precisely why content marketing is so important. It tells us that harvesting millions of visitors is not nearly as good as genuinely engaging a few hundred people. After all, they are the ones who will use the same social media platforms we reach out to them with to spread the word about our companies as well as the products and services we sell.

The Need for Making Smart Choices in How We Invest in Marketing Today 

Knowing you need to start embracing better marketing and figuring out the best way to do this are two different things. Dumping money into marketing can work, but the top content marketing strategies that have succeeded for leaders in any industry are based on considering the needs of the audience, calibrating an intelligent plan to meet those needs and then delivering the very best your company can. Even if you are a solo entrepreneur, this strategic approach is important to keep in mind. Check out what Carroll from Search Engine Journal tells us:

This is the heart and soul of it, in a nutshell. What people want you can easily provide, whether you make the content yourself or not. The way to keep a company’s profile high and keep them fresh in the minds of consumers is to make sure those consumers are engaging with content they like. How you go about this will depend on your business model and it is important to engineer an approach that makes sense for your business. In the mean time, remember that this approach works for companies of all sizes, from the largest to the smallest. You do not have to spend a fortune to get good results and begin to build your audience, even a simple set of social media accounts carefully tended, or a well maintained blog, will do.

Do You Really Need to Become a Content Publisher to Succeed? 

The answer is yes, this has to become an important part of your enterprise if you want to be successful online today. Large corporations are realizing that it needs to be done, but small enterprises can move more quickly so use that to your advantage. If you are worried that you might be behind the curve and late to get on board, then remember this from Kuenn:

Whether you do it all by hand or save time and focus your energy by hiring some help, it is crucial to start leveraging the power of great content to boost your business. If you are already doing this, we hope you will share how content is helping your business online – we always enjoy a good success story! If you have questions, please feel free to ask those, too, because we practice what we preach and we will respond to what you have to say.