SEO Research and Developement

Does SEO Work

All the research shows us that SEO is not as effective as it was a year ago. In the past SEO was a fairly easy process. You did some keyword research, content production, on page optimization, some backlinking, and then measured and analyzed. The type of backlinking you do today could hurt you. Buying or even having a team do manual backlinks could get your site penalized. Today it takes incorporating social media and looking at a much broader perspective of online marketing. The basic requirements of SEO still exist and are needed. Search Engine Optimization still works but it’s doubtful we’ll see the results we once did by using SEO strategies only.

SEO Cost

SEO is still an easy process in itself but SEO alone will not deliver the kind of success most businesses desire. It’s going to take more than a basic SEO plan to get your site ranking properly today. This means more work and more cost. If you buy a cheap SEO plan, you may be throwing your money away. It takes having a real business model with a marketing budget.

Online Marketing Commitment

As an SEO professional I can no longer recommend only doing SEO as we did in the past. It has always been a long term commitment to do SEO and now it’s even more of a commitment to be successful online. In addition to search engine optimization I recommend to do the following at a minimum.
  • Post and social share content
  • Create Google + authorship
  • Publish on Google+
  • Build a following on Google +
  • Pick at least two or more social media platforms that suit your business to utilize (facebook, twitter, pinterest or linkedIn)
  • Build a following on social media platforms
  • Stay active on social media platforms while driving traffic back to your site
I love the following quote from an article by Michael Martinez of SEO Theory where he talks about how to reboot search engine optimization from 2013 and beyond.
“In a world where Change Is the Only Constant, staying ahead of the curve is the best possible strategy to achieve optimal performance.”

How To Keep Up With Change

No sooner than we think we have something mastered in SEO things change. The basics remain the same but we have to stay on top of all the changes in online marketing. Many professional online marketers now incorporate many aspects of social media and paid advertising. Putting the time in and keeping up with all the changes is key. Most businesses owners don’t have the kind of time or manpower necessary. Hiring a professional you can trust to stay on top of the changes may be your best solution. Have someone that dedicates time to research and development on your team.


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